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General features of the layout editor

GeneralComponent placementDrawing traces.


  • Connectivity of nets is made visible by the use of connections/rats nest lines.
  • In the schematic editor selected components/wires/buses will be reflected in the layout editor.
  • Highlight traces/vias/connections.
  • Thou/mm coordinates.
  • The resolution for pads/traces/vias is 10nm.
  • Zoom in/out, pan by using a wheel mouse
  • Components.
  • Drawing traces.
  • Areafills/powerplanes.
    • Via may be placed anywhere on areafill/powerplane.
  • Import/export.
  • Objects on other layers.
  • Layers
    • Addition of a new layer
    • Removal of a layer
    • Swapping of two layers
  • Pop up display shows pin/trace info when the mouse is held over an object
  • Gate/pin swap.
  • Cycle through design rule errors.
  • Geometry libraries.
  • Colors can be modified and will be saved per project.
  • Bicolored patterns may be used in place of colors.
  • Programmable keys (Accelerators).
  • User variables.
  • Measure the distance between any two points.
  • Add text in true type font.