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Schematic and symbol editor


  • The use of pinbuses
  • The use of powerpins (powernames) inside a symbol
  • Signals with different names can be put into a bus
  • Split a symbol with many pins into multiple symbols
  • Insertion of symbols of a library or from a directory into a schematic
  • Large library of symbols
  • Insertion of components (Symbol with value and geometry already filled in) from a database
  • Hierarchical designs
  • Number of sheets limited to 256
  • Nr pins in a pinbus is limited to 64
  • Nr powernetnames is limited to 128
  • Selected components/wires/buses will be reflected in the layout editor
  • Select components by list
  • Colors can be modified (24 bit RGB) and will be saved per project
  • Printing can be both in black/white and in color
  • Automatic placement of junctions
  • User symbol libraries
  • Line thickness can be changed
  • Pinbus name can be made invisible
  • Align text objects left/right
  • Scale objects
  • Rotate objects at any angle
  • Addition of arrows
  • Addition of dimensions
  • Addition of text with a maximum of 256 characters on multiple lines
  • Addition of properties for a netname
  • Import/export DXF
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to bitmap with user selectable dpi
  • Editing gate/pin swap in symbol
  • Editing of a symbol used in a schematic will auto update in the schematic
  • Add pins with auto increment pin name
  • Programmable keys (Accelerators)
  • User variables