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PCB Elegance 3.52 for Windows.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
PCB Elegance installer [ 10.6 MB]

PCB Elegance source code [ 14.4 MB] - See .\files\README.txt for build instructions.

BOM formatting tool.
This utility will make a compact BOM from the list of components that PCB Elegance generates. It will pack all identical components onto the same line instead of one line per component. This feature will eventually be included into the main program, but is presented here if you need it now and prefer not to wire your own tool.

To use, run it in the the design directory, where 'component.csv' is. The output file is called 'component_bom.txt'. It's also a CSV file, but is given a .txt extension to aid Libre Office Calc import.
BOM Formatter zip archive [ 14 kB] - Includes Win32 executable and source code (Purebasic).

Old version archive