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Geometry editor


  • Assign multiple pads to one pinnumber (pinname)
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Adjustable number of copper layers
  • Usage of polygons/arcs as pads
  • Editing on additional layers:
    • Placement outline layer
    • Component outline layer
    • Silkscreen top/bottom
    • Routing keepout
    • Board outline
    • Info layers (Info,Info2,Info3,Info4)
  • Separate objects for the inner layer and anti powerpads
  • Snap mode for moving/placing objects
  • Automatic creation of the following geometries
    • DIPs
    • SOICs
    • QUAD flatpacks
    • BGAs
    • PGAs
    • A number of SMD pads on a equal distance
    • A number of throughhole pins on a equal distance
  • Thou/mm coordinates
  • Import/export DXF
  • Export to bitmap with user selectable dpi
  • Import from bitmap
  • Addition of arrows
  • Addition of dimensions
  • Colors can be modified (24 bit RGB)
  • Copy objects from one layer to another layer
  • Copying of objects on multiple coordinates
  • Programmable keys (Accelerators)
  • Measure distance between any two points