Welcome to PCB Elegance!

PCB Elegance is a suite of circuit board design tools for Windows. Including schematic capture, board layout, and manufacturing file generation.


  • Free and open source.
  • Easy to learn. The user interface is logical, follows modern conventions, and is consistent across the different tools.
  • Fast zoom and panning with the mouse.
  • Able to handle complex designs. 2000+ components, 40000+ traces are no problem. A Pentium motherboard is included as an example design.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are listed next to each menu item so may be learned as you go. They can also be modified.
  • Colours of schematic and layout editors can be changed. Bicoloured patterns are supported in the layout editor.
  • Route with online DRC, dynamic rats nest, trace dragging.
  • Active schematic select allows selecting groups of layout components from the schematic editor.
  • Edit parameters of multiple components at once.
  • Schematic symbol editor allows the creation of complex schematic symbols quickly. Symbol libraries are included.
  • Geometry editor contains wizards for integrated circuits DIP, SOIC, BGA, etc.
  • Context sensitive help.
  • Generates gerber output plots.
  • ... see the features list for more.