Make new layoutΒΆ

image0 Sub menu File menu item New

In the next dialogbox the parameters for a new design can be entered.

The width,height and origin of the PCB can be entered. The number of layers (Trace layer + powerplanes) can be entered. The standard via definition parameters can be entered. The standard design rules for trace width, clearance, linewidth silkscreen can be entered. Also the board outline keep out can be entered. If the board outline keepout is greater then zero, the design rule check will be increased with the board outline keepout check. This board outline keepout check will only be executed when the board outlines consists of closed objects.

When the thou/mm button is pressed the dimension (units) will switch between thou and mm, also every parameter will be recalculated for the new dimension.

image1 Design rules when using a printer for the plot outputs

image2 Importing components/netlist