Plot output to gerber formatΒΆ

image0 Sub menu File menu item Output gerber/drill

Plot selected layers in the gerber format. In the next dialogbox the following items can be selected:

  • Layers
  • X mirroring
  • Plotting board outline
  • Layer numbering
  • Plotting the drills as gerber
  • Neutral file output for PCB testing
  • Gerber output (RS274X) number format
  • PCB specification (-> layers.txt file)

There are also two editboxes available. In those two editboxes (each four lines) some information about the PCB can be stored. This information will then be plotted additionally for each layer. Initial three macros are stored into the first editbox.

$DesignNameCurrent design name

$LayerCurrent layer

$DateCurrent date

The aperture file (generated automatically) will have the name gerber.txt. The drill file (Excellon format) will have the name <design>.drl and the drill tool file the name drills.txt. The PCB information is stored in the layers.txt file.

All the files will be generated in the pcb\gerber subdirectory.

image1 Thermal relief