Add circle SMD pads with solder and paste maskΒΆ

image0 Press Add round SMD pads button
image1 Add pad -> SIL SMD circle pads
image2 Copy special -> Add SIL SMD based on selected objects

If a number of circular SMD pads (Pads,paste mask and solder mask) on a equal distance needs to be included, this function can do the job. In the next dialogbox all the necessary parameters can be entered. After pressing the OK button the pads can be placed. When pressing the right mouse button the pads will rotate 90 degrees counter clock wise. By pressing and keep down the shift key and moving the mouse cursor, the moving center will change. When the spacebar is pressed, a dialogbox will popup, and the position of the first pad can be edited by hand. When the first character typed is a @ the coordinates will be relative against the Relative (grid)position. The coordinates typed in will be used with the current units (dimension).

The function Add SIL SMD based on selected objects will do the same, but the dialogbox parameters will already be filled, with the parameters of a selected pad.

The following parameters can be changed:

Pad diameter


Nr pads

Pad diameter solder paste

If the solder paste pad is not necessary, fill the parameter with zero.

Pad diameter solder mask

If the solder mask pad is not necessary, fill the parameter with zero.

Top/bottom layer

The pads will be placed on the top or bottom layer


The initial clearance is the clearance used for this geometry.


The startpin consists of two editboxes. The first editbox(optional) contains text or a number, and will not be changed. The second editbox contains a start number. This startnumber will be increased with Increment for the next pads.

The Use default rules for solder paste/mask and clearance button can be used the fill in values based on the pad size.

image3 SMD pad

image4 Design rules pad