Design rules padΒΆ

When creating a standard geometry (DIP,SOIC,BGA,PGA,QFP) a set of rules can be used for creating pads with the right padsize, soldermask/paste mask size.

For DIP/PGA the drill size will be used as a reference for the padsize, soldermask size, anti powerpad, inner padsize.

For SOIC/BGA/QFP the padsize will be used as a reference for the pastemask size, soldermask size.

In the geom.ini file there are seven rule name to define the additions to the drill or padsize.

Pad size = Drill size + DefaultRulePad (through hole)

Soldermask = Drill size + DefaultRuleSolderMask_TH (through hole)

Anti power pad = Drill size + DefaultRuleAntiPowerPad (through hole)

Inner pad = Drill size + DefaultRuleInnerPad (through hole)

Soldermask = Pad size + DefaultRuleSolderMask_SMD (SMD)

Pastemask = Pad size + DefaultRulePasteMask_SMD (SMD)

There is also a rule for the standard clearance: DefaultRuleClearance

image0 Initialisation file geom.ini