Selection/deselection objectsΒΆ

To select an object, place the mouse cursor above the object, and press and hold the left mouse button. A rectangle will mark the selection window. There are two selection modes available. The first and default selection mode is the Replacement mode, and the second selection mode is the Adding selection mode.

The Replacement selection mode means, every time a new selection rectangle is drawed the previous objects selected will be unselected. When pressing down the left shift key together with the left mouse button it is possible to use more than one selection at a time.

The other selection mode is the Adding selection mode. In this mode every object which is selected stays selected, until the deselect all function is executed. To deselect an object press the left mouse and place the selection rectangle around this object again.

To change the selection mode use the Replacement or Appending in the Selection mode section of the menu.

image0 Deselect all