image0 Press Areafills/Powerplanes button
image1 Press a
image2 Other menus ->**Areafills/powerplanes menu**

The Areafills/powerplanes menu can be activated by one of two above actions.

Activation of the Areafills/powerplanes menu is made visible on the info bar at the bottom right of the window. Add/change areafills/powerplanes is now visible. Also the Areafills/powerplanes button is visible pressed.

A powerplane is one the layers coupled to one net, and is almost fully filled with copper. For example powerplanes are used for the powernets (VCC,3V3,GND). For those nets it is necessary to have a low impedance anywhere on the PCB.

When the right mouse button is pressed the following functions are available:

image3 Add powerplane

image4 Remove powerplane

image5 Cut from powerplane

image6 Change powerplane