image0 Press Ctrl g
image1 Sub menu Edit menu item Options

In the dialogbox a number of settings can be modified:

Intelligent ratsnets dragging:

When moving components with attached connections (air wires/guides), this option will be used for whether a connection stays attached or connections will shift depending on a closer location of a certain net.

Recalc areafill after inserting an object:

When this option is on and a trace is drawed on an areafill on the same layer, a cutout will be made in the areafill. Also when moving components on an areafill and this option is on, the areafill will get additional cutouts for the pads of the components.

It might be usefull to switch off this option when moving a lot of components on areafills. After all component movement is ready, the areafills should be rebuild, otherwise design rule errors will occur.

Repaint after every trace draw:

When on their will be a repaint of the whole screen after drawing of a trace segment.

Repaint after every component move:

When on their will be a repaint of the whole screen after moving components.

Do not show areafill thin lines errors:

When on the thin lines (smaller than default trace width) created during the making of an areafill, will not result in an error during the design rule check.

Start with maximum view:

When on the next time the layout editor editor will startup with maximum view of the design.

Snap modes:

Snap on for special objects is being used for moving special objects. When snap is on, objects can placed exactly on a objects endpoint.

With Snap on first component location components being moved having the cross hair center around the zero point of the first component.

Repeat :

When repeat is on the previous action will be repeated after selection.

For example when moving components: The first time a component is selected the move action has to be initiated from the pulldown menu. The next time a selection of components will trigger the move action immediately.

Mouse cursor info display:

When on and the mouse cursor on a copper objects, some info will be displayed in a popup window. The start en duration time can be modified.

There are four main grid settings:

The default grid setting will be used normally.

The grid when moving components will be used when moving components is active,

and this value is not zero.

The grid when drawing traces will be used when drawing traces is active,

and this value is not zero.

The grid when drawing areafills will be used when drawing areafills is active,

and this value is not zero.

Changing the grid is possible in every drawing/moving function.

The grid settings in the dialogbox can be modified by changing the pcb.ini settings.

With View relative position on grid the coordinates of the releative mouse cursor as displayed in the third box from the left of the status bar, will follow the current grid or not.

image2 Selection/deselection objects

image3 Initialisation file pcb.ini

View/hide grid

image4 Press g (View/hide grid)

View/hide grid