Move componentsΒΆ


image1 Press m
image2 Move

Move selected components. By pressing and keep down the shift key and moving the mouse cursor, the moving center will change.

image3 Press Space bar

When the spacebar is pressed, the selected components can be moved to fixed or relative position, by typing the coordinates. When the first character typed is a @ the coordinates will be relative against the Relative (grid)position. The coordinates typed in will be used with the current units (dimension).

image4 Press the right mouse button

Rotate selected components 90 degrees counter clock wise.

When the Alt key is pressed selected components will be rotated by 45 degrees.

image5 Components

image6 Selection/deselection objects

image7 Schematic link

image8 Zero relative cursor

image9 Viewable window

image10 Options

image11 Options