Import component positionsΒΆ

image0 Sub menu File item Import item Import component positions

In the next dialogboxa textfile containing the component positions should be specified. Every textline should contain the name, location, layer and rotation of a component. In the next dialogbox the columns containing name, location, layer and rotation of a component can be modified. Also the units and how many lines should be skipped can be modified. The units can be modified using the units button or by specifying a value. (For example 0.012 mm or 0.04 inch or 400 thou) There are two predefined buttons for the column settings. The strings in each textline may be separated by spaces,kommas or tabs. The rotation can be in degrees CCW (Counter clock wise), in degrees CW, in quadrant nr CCW or in quadrant nr CW.

Quadrant CCW: 0 = 0 degrees, 1 = 90 degrees CCW, etc

Quadrant CW: 0 = 0 degrees, 1 = 90 degrees CW, etc

The layer string maybe specified as top/bottom or as 0,1. The bottom layer should 0.

After OK the components in the textfile will mapped on the components in the design.