Gate/pin swapΒΆ

image0 Press Gate/pin swap button
image1 Other menus -> Gate/pin swap menu

The Gate/pin swap menu can be activated by one of two above actions.

Activation of the Gate/pin swap menu menu is made visible on the info bar at the bottom right of the window. Gate/pin swap is now visible. Also Gate/pin swap button is visible pressed.

When the mouse cursor is placed on a pin, clicking on the left mouse button will display the gate/pin swap information for that pin. Swappable pins of gates will be highlighted, and also a number is visible in the center of the pad. Swappable pins are highlighted in a different color.

After selecting a pin, move the mouse cursor to the swappable pin or swappeble gate pin, and by clicking on the left mouse button the gates/pins will be swapped.

All the gate/pin swap changes will be recorded in the file pcb\gatepin.ban. After all gate/pin swaps are done, the schematics should be updated with the Back annotation function of the design manager.

image2 Back annotation

image3 Edit gate/pin swap in symbols