Dragging traces/vias/componentsΒΆ

image0 Drag traces/vias/components button
image1 Other menus -> Drag traces/vias/components menu

Activation of the Drag traces/vias/components menu is made visible on the info bar at the bottom right of the window. Drag traces/vias/components is now visible. Also the Drag traces/vias/components button is visible pressed.

Select the traces/vias/components/areafills, and use the function Drag traces/vias/components to drag/rotate the traces/vias/components/areafills. After pressing the left mouse button traces/vias/components/areafills will be placed on their new positions. If components are placed on traces/vias, the traces/vias under component pins will be deleted. If the dragging is in vertical or horizontal or diagonal direction traces will be extended (if possible). By pressing and keep down the shift key and moving the mouse cursor, the moving center will change.

By pressing the right mouse button during dragging the traces/vias/components/areafills will be rotated by 90 degrees, or when the Alt key is pressed 45 degrees.

The connections of the nets involved are being recalculated.

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