Drag one traceΒΆ

image0 Press Drag one trace button
image1 Press s (For a maximum of three times)
image2 Other menus -> Drag one trace menu

The Drag one trace menu can be activated by one of three above actions.

When pressing the key s the default menu will switch between:

  • Routing traces
  • Drag one trace
  • Change traces/vias

Activation of the Drag one trace menu is made visible on the info bar at the bottom right of the window, Drag one trace is now visible. Also the Drag one trace button is visible pressed.

When a trace is selected dragging will be activated The dragging of this trace will be real time displayed. Any collisions with others traces/vias/pins/areafills will be avoided. Only traces/vias/pins/areafills in the current view will be used in the collision detection.

image3 Options

image4 Trace drawing feature