image0 Press Move/rotate/change components button
image1 Press k
image2 Other menus -> Components menu

The Components menu can be activated by one of three above actions.

Activation of the Components menu is made visible on the info bar at the bottom right of the window. Move/rotate/change components is now visible. Also the Move/rotate/change components button is visible pressed.

image3 Move components

image4 Move component by reference

image5 Rotate components

image6 Edit geometry

image7 Change geometry

image8 Align components

image9 Align components

image10 Regroup components

image11 Protect components

image12 Component protection

image13 Move components to top/bottom layer

image14 Change component parameters

image15 Schematic link

image16 Info on selected objects

image17 Copy component layer objects to the objects layer

image18 Edit schematic containing reference

image19 Component selections

image20 Component selections by list

image21 Move multiple components