Change traces/viasΒΆ

image0 Press Change traces/vias button
image1 Press s (For a maximum of three times)
image2 Other menus -> Change traces/vias menu

The Change traces/vias menu can be activated by one of three above actions.

When pressing the key s the default menu will switch between:

  • Routing traces
  • Drag one trace
  • Change traces/vias

Activation of the Change traces/vias menu is made visible on the info bar at the bottom right of the window. Change traces/vias is now visible. Also the Change traces/vias button is visible pressed.

When the right mouse button is pressed the following functions are available:

image3 Move traces/vias

image4 Copy traces/vias

image5 Select only

image6 Change trace width

image7 Change clearance traces/vias

image8 Change via

image9 Change design rules net

image10 Calculate length trace

image11 Swap traces/vias two nets

image12 Delete traces/vias net selected trace

image13 Delete

image14 Copy traces/vias to clipboard

image15 Copy traces/vias from clipboard