image0 Press Areafills/Powerplanes button
image1 Press a
image2 Other menus ->**Areafills/powerplanes menu**

The Areafills/powerplanes menu can be activated by one of two above actions.

Activation of the Areafills/powerplanes menu is made visible on the info bar at the bottom right of the window. Add/change areafills/powerplanes is now visible. Also the Areafills/powerplanes button is visible pressed.

An areafill is a piece of copper and can have almost any form. An areafill can be used if a large piece of copper is needed on some layer (for example a low impedance path)

When the right mouse button is pressed the following functions are available:

image3 Add areafill

image4 Add areafill inside a powerplane

image5 Cut from areafill

image6 Change areafill

image7 Copy areafill

image8 Change clearance areafill

image9 Delete areafill

image10 Add to areafill

image11 Mirror X areafill

image12 Mirror Y areafill

image13 Merge areafills

image14 Rebuild areafill

image15 Move areafill

image16 Stretch areafill

image17 View vertices areafill

image18 Copy start polygon to info4 layer

image19 Powerplanes

image20 Options