Add traceΒΆ


When the Routing menu is active, new traces can be added, and existing traces modified. The traces that can be placed are:

  • 45/90 degrees angle traces
  • All angle traces
  • Arc traces

Place the mouse cursor one a trace/via/pin/connection and press the left mouse button to activate the trace drawing. For every trace segment to be placed press the left mouse button. To end with trace drawing, place the mouse cursor in the neigbourhood of another trace/via/pin, and the new trace will automatically centered and added (This is only when drawing traces with two trying traces). After adding trace drawing will stop. Another possibility to stop the trace drawing is to press the ESC key. When a new trace segment is added inside a areafill, the areafill is adjusted. The current netname and trace width/clearance will be visible in the info bar at the bottom right of the window.

image1 Trace popup menu

A via can be added with the function Add via

image2 Traces/vias

image3 Trace drawing feature

image4 Options