Create netlist

image0 Press Netlist button

When this button is pressed the netlist will be calculated. This netlist consists of components, and the actual netlist. This netlist will be placed in the designs pcb subdirectory. Also the gate/pin swap info file pcb\gatepin.swp will be generated. Also saved in the netlist are component and net properties.

The format of a component property is:


When a component should not be placed (Not placed marked in the schematic) in the BOM, the following property will be used:


The format of a net property is:


For the layout editor the TRACEWIDTH and CLEARANCE net property can be used. A few examples:

(TRACEWIDTH,”8 mil”)

(CLEARANCE,”8 mil”)

The standard tracewidth and clearance will be 8 mil in this example. For the units the following strings can be used:

8 mil

8 mils

8 thou

0.25 mm

0.008 inch